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Friday, 26 August 2011

Post Script William IX and Dangereuse de Chatelleraut

I've been asked about the relationship between Alienor's grandparents - which I said was a bit too rude to publish on a non X-rated blog!  However, I have trawled through a few snippets and have added one or two pieces from the sessions we did on these personalities - having censored out the naugthy stuff!
Here's an example of William IX's  poetry
or this one

To the Excerpts.  William IX has arrived while Dangereuse's husband is absent and they have been getting it together.

This is a very passionate relationship.  It’s huge for both of them in the sense that it just takes over their whole being.  They are who they are because of the other one. 

The man is being set at ease now and he is having his equipment taking off properly.  They are still glancing at each other across the room.  He’s a tallish man.  I say that because he has got quite a long face and he has got really lustrous dark brown curls.  They’re not tight curls, they are wavy curls and they just fall down when the helmet’s taken off.  He’s got quite a big forehead. Brown eyes and a more pointed lower part to the face, but overall quite long.  He’s got a long neck.  He’s long-limbed.    He’s feeling hungry.  He can smell smoke. He’s feeling still not quite satisfied but the hunger is starting to encroach on that.  When he eats, he is still very sensual. He’s got a little square thing that is layered and the top is very golden.  Each layer has its different flavours.  He can really pick up on those flavours and the texture. He’s drinking and he’s giving little signs to her as he puts the cup down.  So although they’re not in a clinch or anything the energy is still very much attached.
FFW to when the husband comes home. I can hear his footsteps on the corridor.  He is rcihly dressed like a king. The front part of his tunic isall swirly gold and red patterns and then there are panels down the front of his legs like that as well.   He comes in and sees that all is well, that there is food on the table.  He goes to the man and he kneels on one knee.
So this man with Dangereuse is of higher rank than the husband?  Yes, and it’s kind of incongruous because this whole atmosphere is very informal and he goes and does this very formal thing.  William IX raises his eyebrow and he says ‘What do you have for me?  I can see a purse being handed over.  It’s not very big.  It’s about two hands wide, but very fat and round.  William IX looks inside and takes one or two items out and holds them up to the light. There are all sorts of things in there.  The husband says ‘I trust this will be the last payment’ and the man says ‘I will see it counted by my accountants.  He is thinking ‘Not if I can help it.

Go to Dangereuse with her children.  I can see a circle.  She feels quite light here and happy. They’re doing a circular dance like a ring a roses.  A little one’s fallen down.  She’s gone to pick it up but she doesn’t have much patience.  It’s crying.  She won’t have crying.  She stands it on its feet and when it won’t she picks it up again and stands it on its feet.

1. I asked to see the reaction of William X Count of Poitou to his father’s adulterous relationship with Dangereuse of Chatellerault.
Alison.  Oooh, there’s so much tension in the solar plexus it’s hard to move or breathe.  It affects the face as well.  He’s really tense.  His eyes are alert.  It feels like a highly intelligent person, very aware of things around him.  
His feelings about his father and Dangereuse?  Oh that’s what gets him.  It makes him feel sick.  He has to laugh though.  Why?  Initially I thought because he thinks his father is so stupid, so taken in.  He could have his fun and not have to go the whole hog and have the woman over here with a place.  He quite likes Dangereuse.  She makes him laugh, but that doesn’t mean to say he likes having her there.  He can’t believe what his father has done to his mother; that is upsetting, but even so, both of them have said it is better that way.  It’s his feelings about having his mum and dad together.  When they are at meals together, he feels like the adult and his father and his partner feel like the children.  He leaves their company as soon as possible. 

Now to Alienor and a significant moment between her and Dangereuse.
Dangereuse seems to be doing something typically dramatic.  There are things going this way and that way but there doesn’t seem to be any fear from Alienor; she feels quite comfortable.  In fact she feels quite interested and almost enjoying her company.  If I didn’t know it was the wrong century, I would say it was opera.  It has that sort of emotional bigness and there’s something involved in expressing it, producing it.  Alienor admires this.  She admires her grandmother’s ability with this.  She admires her physical beauty.  Anything that’s beautiful, Alienor really responds to.  She is enjoying the train of thought and she is thinking ‘Grandmother isn’t half bad when she’s being….’Normal? Yes, I was hesitating to use that word but it was the one I was thinking of.
When it’s finished there’s applause and then Dangereuse is the famous actress coming to get the backstage party so to speak.  The acclaim, the praise, and she can just manage a little wave for Alienor, but Alienor doesn’t really want more than that.  To Alienor this is the way of the world, the setting.  It’s that layer that she just accepts as being there. It’s all quite normal to her and she feels okay about it and relaxed.

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