Ever since 2004, I have been using The Akashic Records to write my novels. They are a form of psychic time travel where someone with the skills to tune in can access people, places and events from the past. My good friend Alison King has this ability. You can find out more at her website and mine - see the sidebar of the blog with more detailed explanations. This blog is soley for extracts of research from my work in progress.
I am currently engaged in writing about Eleanor of Aquitaine. The first novel, THE SUMMER QUEEN is well underway, and the extracts I am posting come from the Akashic Records research data so far conducted.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


 The session that this excerpt cropped up in was a little bit out of the ordinary and showed us just what a powerful personality Eleanor has.  Not content for Alison to access as an observer, Eleanor wanted to make a few things clear to us herself.  This occasionally  happens in our sessions but it's not a common occurrance.  The last full paragraph of explanation just raises the hairs on my nape.
We begin with her father making the preparations to go to Compostela, some of which has been show in a previous posting. 
It may seem strange that Alison accesses this in modern English, but what she is doing is translating the energy/vibration pattern of the word.  Occasionally the word doesn't translate if it's one that doesn't have a close modern equivalent.
Go to William X of Aquitaine making his preparations to go on pilgrimage circa 1137
He has a very deep feeling, a true feeling that goes deep.  It’s a serious feeling too.  He seems at peace, but he is also looking for more closeness to that sense of peace and his sense of God.  There’s a feeling of prayer and he's wishing for all things that are good, particularly for his daughters.  When he thinks about his wife, his mind flicks away from the subject (she was dead).  When he thinks about her, he doesn’t have any warm feelings.  Some couples when parted by death, long to meet up again, but for him it’s an ‘oh no,’ feeling. It’d be more aggravation and another issue to deal with that’s being held at bay. 
So he doesn’t want to meet her in the afterlife?  He feels that he will do, but he’s not looking forward to it. 
Going back to Compostela preparations there’s a lot of 'paperwork 'to keep everything in order while he’s away.  He keeps his head down and focussed on the papers rather than the people.  He’s dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s so to speak. This is a quieter person than I saw earlier in his life.  It is as if life has knocked him and mellowed him, but there is still that academic spaciousness somehow.  He has a lot of responsibilities to discharge before he goes as well.  There are people who want things doing – supplicants.  I can see them coming in an official capacity before him to present their scrolls or their bags of money.
To him drawing up the will before he goes.   I have come back to the same place where he was crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s.  There’s that feeling again of wanting to do the best for his daughters.   He wants to see them settled in the sense of secure.  He also wants them to have as good a settlement as if he was still alive.  He doesn’t want them done down just because he’s not going to be there. 
So, for Alienor.  Let’s have a look at that first.  He sees her as a surrogate son.  I see her as a figure, drawing behind her this huge estate which is like a big balloon of stuff attached to her by a thread.  He sees her standing proud and tall.  He sees her as someone with character who will stand her ground, and with that he’s pleased.  It’s as if he is standing beside her and they are both looking out into the distance.  They need someone who is strong so that this fortune can be protected and won’t be picked off by other competitors.  It needs someone with a golden light about them and I think this means someone regal or from a high noble family.  I can see somebody who is not Louis coming from the East and it’s a darker figure.  The figure has a darker, hard helmet with a pointy top and I can see him periodically trying to encroach in between them, but then going back.  It could be Raymond of Antioch, Alienor’s young uncle, her father’s brother?   He could be quite pushy with Alienor’s father, because face to face he is quite vocal. Although they wouldn’t have got face to face at that stage because Raymond was abroad.
And Alienor’s sister Petronilla in the will?  He thinks she needs protecting even more.  She is younger, more vulnerable and closer to his side.  There’s much more of an emotional neediness on her part here.  He’s very protective.  He knows she’s not ready.  He wants to put her in trust.  I can see her reaching for Alienor and then coming back to her dad in a quick movement. 
What’s he going to do for her?  He wants her to be self sufficient.  He wants Alienor to care for her from a distance.  
Any conversations he had about the will with Geoffrey of Loroux – how does Geoffrey feature in the will? (Geoffrey was Alienor and Petronella's tutor and Archbishop of Bordeaux).
I can feel Geoffrey pressed up to William’s back, very close to him, helping him to stand straight, almost being his hands.  Very close. He can do the things that a father would do but cannot be the father in the sense that he can do the hand movements but he can’t do them as a presence in his own right. He has to stand behind William. I am seeing Geoffrey and Alienor with hands linked and held high as if Geoffrey is leading Alienor onwards and forwards.  Little Petronella following in their wake, holding onto Geoffrey’s robe as she once held onto her father. 
Did Geoffrey have any input in choosing the French to look after Alienor if William should die?It’s all William’s idea.  Geoffrey is a little bit surprised but goes along with it.  The feeling is of them looking over a document and William is already looking at the French and Geoffrey  hadn't got that far Geoffrey trusts absolutely in William’s judgement. 

Geoffrey of Loroux when he receives the news of William’s death.
Big sigh. He is devastated.  This is genuine emotion.  It takes his breath away. All those things that they have done together that will never be more.  When he thinks of all the plans they made, all the dreams they had and the things they actually managed to achieve.  And now no more.  And the man himself gone, a precious man.  
He really loved him didn’t he?  Truly.  You see Geoffrey hasn’t the power to bring these things into fruition himself.  He hasn’t the position.  He knows that’s the end of the dynasty and things can only recede back.  He’s got a realistic attitude to what’s happened.  His eyes are damp but he knows he has a duty to do.   So what does he do when he’s over the initial news and grief?  He gets on with the administration.  There is in the background a feeling of urgency because if he doesn’t get on and do it, someone else will.  He feels as if the predators are circling.  So he’s drawing up documents.  Sometimes he feels as if he hasn’t had time to perfect the documents but he just sends them off because it’s better than delaying. 
Does he speak to Alienor and her sister at all?    He does his best to be kind to them.  He’s very sympathetic.  He’s emotionally there for them.  He’s very understanding emotionally.  He teaches them how to look to the future, especially Alienor,  because Petronella doesn’t quite understand yet.  Petronella can actually be distracted as well by other people.  If they are doing something interesting or fun, she won't concentrate.  Geoffrey teaches Alienor to look into the world.  You know how I saw William and Alienor looking side by side into the world?  Well here you’ve got Alienor standing as she was before, and Geoffrey with his arm round her and bent sideways, and directing with his other hand.
Does he talk to her at all about the French at this time?   There is some anxiety there.  I am getting something but just trying to clarify whether she’s there with him at that time.  No, he’s talking to someone else there.  He talks to Alienor about politics in a general way, including the French, and he talks to her about dynasty and great leaders.  He refers back to the past, to history, and to Roman leaders and so on, and he helps her to see her place in that.
To do with the French?  He says ‘Your father had great plans for you and the plans have come into fruition and I have great news for you.’  And this is when he tells her of the proposal from the prince of France.  I was trying to get her response, but she felt very mature; she didn’t feel like a young girl.  So she’s like a mature woman here?  Yes.  I feel I may have misconnected – or we are getting some interference.  So yes, I think he did tell her and put it in the perspective of ‘it’s fantastic news for you and a chance to fulfil your potential and your position.’ Do you want me to try and see what her reaction is?   Yes, if you can.   I’ll ask permission first. Yes, I’ve got permission.  I’ll now ask if she is willing.  I am getting ‘You do not know what you ask of me.’  
 AlisonIn what way do I not know?  In what way do I not understand?
Alienor  ‘That this is not some frivolity for your perusal.’
No indeed. We fully understand that it is a lifetime  you have led and there were real emotions involved and real decisions you had to take.
Alienor  And that were taken for me, do not forget that.
Alison  Indeed, that is the case in most people’s lives, especially when they are young.’  
Alienor Quite so.’
Alison  Might you then permit us to understand how those emotions were for you to experience and what it was really like at the time that we may understand these things better?’  
Alienor ‘It is is for you to understand.’
Alison  Indeed that is what we wish to do.  We wish to understand.  
Alienor ‘Very well then.’ 
Alison  Thank you. We would like to understand how you were feeling when you received the news that a marriage was being arranged between yourself and Prince Louis of France.  
Alienor ‘I felt ashamed.  I felt let-down.’ She has a smile, because she says ‘That surprised you didn’t it?’
Alison  Indeed, yes. I was not expecting you to have feelings of shame and being let down.  In what way?  
Alienor ‘It was not my choice you see.  I had no choice in it.  It was their choice; always their choice.  If my father had told me, I would have told him no, for I do not care for the French style of things, nor for their courtly proceedings. I do not care for their style, nor do I care for their prince.  It was not my choice.  
Alison Why then did you feel ashamed?
Alienor Crying.   ‘I felt ashamed for my father that he should afford this.  I feel shamed that I could not stand in my own right with a strong man by my side.  I do not blame him that he did not see that clearly the shame that I was drawn into this situation, unknowingly, without having been told.  No one cared to tell me, so when I knew it was too late and I was done for.  My fate sealed, my throat cut, I knew it from the start.  I had to go on, I had to proceed, a dead man walking, a corpse alive in the world, and in a way that is what he left me.  He was the dead man and I was walking in his stead.    And I shall bless him all the days of my life.  I love my father dearly, yet he did this to me, not of my own will.  Now you understand.  You understand that I could not be myself of my own choosing.  I could not stand in my own stead, in my own honour on my own land.  I had to walk in the stead of some other man, a stranger and not of my choosing.  What did it benefit me to be lady of all I surveyed when none of it was mine?  That my friend is how I entered married life.
Alison Thank you for explaining that Alienor.  I think we thoroughly understand you now. How interesting that she’s talking directly and I’m not seeing it from the point of view of a young girl, I am hearing it from her (herself).
Me Would she have felt that at 13?
Alison  Exactly.  We are getting an overlay of what the mature woman feels about it. Anyway, it gives you a flavour of what you’re working with.  
Me  Yes.  I do feel for her, but at the same time I can see her father’s point of view.  He wanted to keep her safe.
Alison  But she thought she could fend for herself but with a strong man at her side.  I get the idea that she had a feeling of who that man might be and that she wanted to be married more locally
Alienor ‘You have it.’  


  1. Elizabeth, This reminds me a lot of the writings in her diary of the young Ann Frank. Her clear and independent vision, for instance, and also her wilfulness.

  2. I had goosebumps reading Alienor's explanations. I wonder who this strong man could have been?

    For someone so young, Alienor seems very mature and strong. I have a tendency to let my emotions get the better of me, but Alienor strikes me as being able to control hers. This would, I'm sure, prove to be a good quality to have for a woman living in a world that doesn't allow her to control her own destiny.

    In closing, was Alison nervous when she was challenged by Alienor? Does Alison know why certain individuals are able to communicate direclty with her when the rest of the time she is only able to view their lives as a bystander would?

    Thanks for another great post!

  3. Thanks DocJohn. I've never read the diary of Anne Frank, but must get around to doing so. It's a lack in my reading vocab.

    Emilie. We wondered about the man too, but Alison often has difficulty getting names and we didn't go further with it. Alienor seems very mature there because she was talking as the grown woman there, not the 13 year old.

    Alison was indeed nervous when challenging Alienor because she is a very powerful lady still, and one who has been embittered by her life. We are not entirely sure why some individuals communicate and some don't, but suspect it partly has to do with some sort of spiritual training or ability on their part. They probably had psychic ability or awareness during their earthly lives. We're still learning as we go along.